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Related legal information in one place

Work smarter, not harder. xLaw is ready to help you

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Browser plugin on top of

Search Latvian law, easily copy citations, add private comments about paragraphs, see English translations.

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Compare legislative changes with ease

See legislation redaction changes with just 1 click. Easily spot the differences in words, sentences, and paragraphs.

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Court case

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Search court cases, easily

scroll to the snippet and get links to court cases.

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Browser plugin on top of EUR-Lex

Search EU law, find references and links, add private comments and keywords about articles in EU directives and regulations

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Microsoft Word add-on to speed up writing documents

Share, manage and organise clauses, templates, standard wordings. Add your Likumi/ EUR-Lex comments to Word document with one click. Also available Latvian Business Registry search.

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xLaw quick search plugin to instantly open different sources from address bar

For opening Latvian legislation with abbreviations directly from the address bar

(e.g. typing x lv kcl)

For opening EU legislation with abbreviations directly from the address bar

(e.g. typing x eu gdpr)

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Pricing Plans


  • Full functionality

29 €/per user per month


  • Full functionality
  • Starting from 5 users*

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  • Full functionality
  • Only for students who study law at university*


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Our story

Our journey began with a simple idea that emerged during a lecture: What if all the relevant information about the law could be easily accessed in one place? This vision led us to develop xLaw, a comprehensive application designed to streamline legal research and enhance productivity. Since its initial release in Estonia in 2015, xLaw has rapidly gained popularity among legal professionals, revolutionizing the way they work. Today 90% of Estonia's TOP 30 law firms use xLaw application. Moreover, with over 3000 users in Estonia, our impact on the legal community is undeniable. Now we are thrilled to announce our expansion to Latvia, bringing the transformative benefits of the xLaw application to the legal community, and making work more efficient.

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What clients say about us

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xLaw is the greatest digital assistant for a lawyer. Lawyers used to work with bits and pieces of legislation, but now xLaw integrates all pieces of laws and relevant court practice into comprehensive knowledge.

Law Firm Sorainen,


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WALLESS law firm was one of the first to use xLaw tool, and our attorneys are very happy with it. We are fascinated by how simple it is and how practical its developers are. Rather than adding “bells and whistles”, they focus on what lawyers really need. xLaw helps save working hours. We recommend it.

Law Firm Walless,


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xLaw has created excellent conditions for working with clients, with the possibility to conveniently attach comments and explanations to sections of Acts. Quick search and the availability of additional sources linked to sections are also great functions.

Law Firm Ellex Raidla,


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